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The Open A cappella Beatbox Competition


What is The Open A cappella Beatbox Competition?

Brand new to The OAC's Big Weekend 2024, the OABC was designed to bring together two communities to celebrate all things vocal percussion. We believe that by combining the beatbox scene with the A cappella community, everyone can level up there skills and have a great time doing it.

Making use of a highly unique three-round competition format, the OABC created a space where all our beatboxers could show off their range of talents. 


The Rules / Format

No lip-syncing and no audio editing 

Your audition tape must be video recorded, has no length restriction, and backing tracks are allowed for audition [there will be no backing tracks at the live finals].

live finals
Stage 1

Pass the beat! 

Competitors are filtered into groups and those groups head on stage to 'pass the beat' to show their skills. The judges will pick a winner from each group, who will pass to stage 2

live finals
Stage 2

1v1 Battle! 

After the first stage completes all three round, there will be only 6 beatboxers remaining, who much win their 1v1 for a spot in the final stage.

live finals
Stage 3

Final Showcase! 

Each of the final 3 performers get just 90 seconds to show what they've got on stage. The judges will then select their OABC champion!

You will be able to find the full rule book and judging criteria here once the 2025 event is announced


OABC 2025

Keep an eye out as we'll announce our plans for OABC 2025 in Autumn 2024! The inaugural OABC was a big hit and we'll be back with a bang in 2025.

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