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Be a part of the OAC

Why us?

We are a vibrant young company passionate about music and singing. Our mission is to unite the community of UK a cappella under one umbrella by spreading awareness for singing, running events, producing advice and tips for all singing enthusiasts and a cappella fans.

As a company operated primarily by recent graduates, we look to work with the same fresh and current minds with a similar passion and drive. Above all we are looking to work with those who are just as passionate as we are about the look and image of our company to our target audience and wider community.

Ideally this person would already be embedded in some capacity within the music or a cappella world, however we are looking for a person purely willing and able to have an open mind in learning more about the a cappella world. 

No Current Vacancies

However, we are always looking to hear from anyone that would like to get involved. Please drop us an email to 

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